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Design of a website and brand identity for the Human Capital Company, a company striving towards helping others achieve a positive working environment.

Tools used

Adobe Illustrator


Graphic Design
Brand Strategy


Fay Beening

01 Context


The Human Capital Company (THCC) helps companies improve the work environment in terms of effectiveness and inspiration. They believe in human excellence as the key towards a succesful business: "Everyone thinks about changing the world, but no one thinks about changing themselves". The core values of THCC are:

  • Organisations add positivity towards the welfare.
  • Let people grow and flourish.
  • Human capital as central theme on the agenda.
  • Getting a grip on the right factors that are essential to doing the right things.
  • Make a differnce in society.
  • We believe in bundling knowledge, that people basically always want to achieve the good, positive energy makes the world beautiful, that by getting the best out of people, every organization can be a game changer.

Key themes: flourish, positive energy, well-being, healthy organisational climate

02 Problem


The previous website of THCC was cluttered and did not speak to their target audience. The main colors of their brand, hot pink, white, black, did not resonate with the message they want to convey to potential clients. Overall the website could use a more modern feel and showcase what they stand for: making your company flourish and grow.

"How can we improve the brand of THCC to protray their core values in the design of their website?""

New logo

03 Brand Feel

First mock-ups

The first designs that were shown to the board of THCC. The main goal was to see if th design choices alligned with their vision. Overall the colours and imagery fit well with what was invisioned for the website. They loved the sunflower theme to tell the story of growth, flourishment and positivity. However the website missed the modern feel.

0.1 Mock-up

Second mock-up

The overall feel has improved and the next iterations will be based on this style.

0.2 Mock-up

04 Colours


The color palet resonates with the sunflower theme. A light grey and white are used as base colours on the website. Further detailing is done with light rgb(0,42,255), green and yellow.

Previous colours

New colours

05 Icons


The Human Capital Company work with 6 themes that are the basis for an effective and inspiring working climate. To get the attention to the 6 themes I designed accompanying icons.

Icon designs

06 Imagery


Images should connect to the ideals of THCC, flourish, positive energy, well-being, making a difference to society. Central theme of the images is showing growth and the feeling of positive change. The warm hue and colours in the images give off a sense of comfort. Where the people make the connection to well being and society.

Images used on the website

07 Website

Full website

Main Page

Blog Page

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