HELLO!? Not a BED day! Space Traveler


01 HELLO!?

HELLO!? We are hungry!

Card game for children to teach them about seasonal vegetables. The goal is to score points trough planting seasonal crops in your countries village/city/metropole without causing environmental damage. The game contains cards, a playmat and a season wheel.

During the development the game was constantly tested within the team and also with people from outside the team to ensure a balance in gameplay.

Tools used

Adobe illustrator


Serious Gaming


User Testing
Game Narration

Player mat and cards

02 Not a BED day

Not a BED day!

The hospital group Twente struggles with getting people motivated to get out of their bed to do a much needed walk. Trough implementing a game element to these walks we could get people more motivated to step out of their bed. In this game there are different stations placed around the hopital to collect stamps, which can in turn be exchanged for a real postcard to send to friends or family. Because not everyone is as mobile when revalidating in a hospital there are different levels of participation and an option to ask for any assitance when needed.

Tools used



Serious Gaming


LoFi Prototyping

Example of interface

03 Space Traveler

Space Traveler

In this game you play a boy that dreams about going to space. When entering the rocket the boy is off towards the plantes. There the boy needs to cellect coins on 7 different planets to make a safe journey home.

Tools used

Autodesk Maya


Game Design


3D Modeling
Sound Effects
Game Mechanics

The game

Walking animation

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